April 27 2019

This is a bonus just for the youth leader—a quick tip and an illustration to enhance your youth leadership. You may already know this idea, have learned it through trial and error, or just need a quick reminder.




Some people think that keeping people busy will keep them out of trouble, so they seek constant activity for the youth ministry they lead. Young people prefer purpose to busyness. While they enjoy doing things and discover what is new to them, when it comes to church-related involvement, their expectation is that it should connect them to God. Doing icebreakers and playing games is fine, but only as a starter. They want God and expect avenues to experience God when they come to your church.


Click below to download the Cornerstone Connections leader’s guide and student lesson. This week’s resources also include two lesson plans and a discussion starter video which offer different ways of looking at the topic. Each lesson plan includes opening activities, scripture passages, discussion questions, and real-life applications.


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