April 6 2019

Youth Leader Tip

This bonus is just for the youth leader—a quick tip and an illustration to enhance your youth leadership. You may already know this idea, have learned it through trial and error, or maybe just need a reminder. Here it is in a quick infusion:


A Bit More

Safety people can drive you crazy and seem to prohibit everything fun, especially for young people. But accident prevention is always better than picking up pieces. While every youth leader should be safety conscious, it’s ideal to have at least one person who sees (and speaks) from a safety perspective. Have other leaders tap into that observation so it’s not just one person who’s “the bad guy.” God provides angels of protection, but you also should responsibly do your part. Have more common sense than a teen with only a partially formed brain.


Click below to download the Cornerstone Connections leader’s guide and student lesson. This week’s resources also include two lesson plans and a discussion starter video which offer different ways of looking at the topic. Each lesson plan includes opening activities, scripture passages, discussion questions, and real-life applications.


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