August 3 2019

This is a bonus just for the youth leader—a quick tip and an illustration to enhance your youth leadership. You may already know this idea, have learned it through trial and error, or just need a quick reminder.




When someone says, “When I was your age…” it usually means they’re about to cherry-pick a memory from their past and hold it over a younger listener’s head. This is called selective memory, and people use it when they select things they want to remember happening in their lives (usually good things they did) and things they don’t (usually bad things they did). While it can be helpful to share one’s experience with young people, we should be careful never to do it in a way that exclusively makes us look good and them look bad. Neither view is completely accurate, and it separates generations rather than bringing them together.


Click below to download the Cornerstone Connections leader’s guide and student lesson. This week’s resources also include two lesson plans and a discussion starter video which offer different ways of looking at the topic. Each lesson plan includes opening activities, scripture passages, discussion questions, and real-life applications.


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